Self-Educating Poets Network

The Self-Educating Poets Network is an education group providing resources and meeting space to poets, writers and artists. It was founded on principles of grassroots activism as well as the free spirit of poets who met from the Cantab Poetry Lounge and Boston Poetry Slam.

Check out our featured poem by Charlie Rose, Coin of the Realm.

Join our DIY MFA Group

This group is for those who want to study poetry, literary theory and the craft of writing as well as participate in workshops. We hope to have a deeper engagement with poetry and other forms of writing by reading and discussing work together. 

This group is a drop-in any time group so you don’t have to always be available to join. Any member of the group can become a leader for a future meeting by offering a reading on a topic or a method of workshopping. Readings are given ahead of time but no member has to read anything in advance unless they choose to. We do all readings together so that folks with busy schedules can still attend and participate fully.