A Poem by Suzanne O’Toole

The Private Life of Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter may sport a smoking jacket
to protect his waistcoat 'n' watch
or meet you 'neath sprigs of mistletoe
carrying bouquets of hollyhock. 

Mad Hatter may sip the finest tea
'til it pours out both of his ears. 
He’ll pester you with foolish jokes
collecting your stitches and tears.

Mad Hatter may draw very well
or leave little but lines on a page.
Mad Hatter may belong elsewhere:
on a soap box, a platform, a stage.

Mad Hatter may mean well but
simply knows not what to say.
Opportunity tends to slip by
while watching his time pass away.

Mad Hatter may tell you he loves you.
He might also forget what to say.
But that doesn't mean that he doesn't.
That's just the Mad Hatter's way.

About the author

Suzanne is a Boston-based spoken word poet who plays the voice of Theresa Clarke on the space-themed time-traveling show Solutions to Problems and the Honorable Margaret Fly on the surrealistic podcast Wait Wait Don’t Teleport Me!!  She has featured at Stone Soup and the Cantab Lounge.  Her poetry has been published in The Canton CitizenCanton Writes (volumes 2014-2021), and Oddball Magazine.

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