Gingerbread Ritual Staff

March Penn is the poetry editor of Gingerbread Ritual. Penn is a queer poet who visits Anne Sexton’s grave and conducts tarot readings for real and imaginary friends. Penn’s poetry is published in Bombfire Lit, What Are Birds, The Offing, The Fem, The Deaf Poet Society, Maps for Teeth, Provocateur, and other literary magazines. Penn has featured in Boston at the Cantab Poetry Lounge and Stone Soup Poetry. Follow Penn on Instagram: @pennapril

Suzanne O’Toole is a poetry advisor at Gingerbread Ritual. Suzanne is a Boston-based spoken word poet who plays the voice of Theresa Clarke on the space-themed time-traveling show Solutions to Problems and the Honorable Margaret Fly on the surrealistic podcast Wait Wait Don’t Teleport Me!!  She has featured at Stone Soup and the Cantab Lounge.  Her poetry has been published in The Canton Citizen, Canton Writes (volumes 2014-2022), and Oddball Magazine.

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