Poem by Sue Savoy

There are no ghosts in this poem

It's possible I just can't see them
That's their big thing
Invisibility, isn't it?

Or being barely visible
Such that you're not sure
Whether or not it was a ghost you saw

Sometimes you only feel a ghost
I would venture to say
That's more often than not the case

Listen to me talking as if I'm a ghost expert
I only know what I've seen
On Unsolved Mysteries

Personally never encountered a ghost
As far as I know
Is there such a thing as a living ghost?

Well, duh, yeah
If someone ghosts you
They become a ghost

I've been ghosted
More than once
And I suppose also been the ghoster

Withdrew contact from several “friends”
Cut off the anchor
And let those ships float away

If you see a dead person in a dream
Is that the same as a ghost?
Is everyone in a dream essentially a ghost?

I'm going to say yes
Because you feel their presence strongly
Almost as if you really touched them

Or spoke to them
My dreams at least
I’d prefer not to have a ghost

Living with me
And definitely not see one
I don’t want to be scared

Ghosts in movies are always scary
But the ones in my dreams are not
I'm usually glad to see them

They're often nice to me
Which is ironic
Because most of my dreams are bad

A ghost might be making me write this
Like a Ouija board guides you to answers
I'm tired of ghosts

They're so insubstantial
Do ghosts get tired of other ghosts?
Is the spirit world boring?

All the ghosts talking about
Who they want to haunt
Who harmed them in life

Whose love went unrequited
I don’t know what to tell you
Go have a seance
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