Poems by Kim Reed


how do I imagine my lesbian self?
alone within busy identities

summers of those wild waves
young women sailed together

if I told you we would never feel
close to the wind again, would you cry?

you can keep old photos suspended
in crystal prisms of sparkling cities

a cat named snow

a cat named snow
loved me not, so?

my brother's arms
filled with fur fluff

but not for me
kitty kisses

what harvest awaits

earth has a breathing skin
moisture enfolding rising
out and in drops in swirls
storms carrying away life
what harvest awaits
visits by the solar winds 
so many branches to touch
brittle spines caressed
by dust in trembling times

how can we be at the same time?

how can we be both inside
and outside of organic
structure at the same time?

to be experientially in
structure as lived
practices and processes.

permeability spontaneous
site specific chaos and complexity
order in every thing.

Kim Reed lives in Chicago. Many references in her poems include nature, consciousness, memory, and life in the city.

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