Gingerbread Ritual Literary Journal

About the journal:

Gingerbread Ritual Literary Journal is the official publication of the Self-Educating Poets Network, a hub of writer’s resources and the home of the DIY MFA group. We aim to publish poems, short stories, essays and other literary work.

Vol. 1.1 (February, 2021)

Gingerbread Ritual
Michael F. Gill

Bird on a wire
Sue Savoy

James Croal Jackson

Four tankas
Antonio Vallone

Mad World

Tulip Poplar, Winter
Kat Coolahan

A toast to ceramics
Charlie Rose

Muthah Tongue
Suzanne O'Toole

In the Sump Hole
William Doreski

Chad Parenteau

The Fountain
Karol Nielsen

Making an Unmaking
Ryk McIntyre

Faye's Taxi
Michael Igoe

Clouded Leopard
Jenny Bates

Igneous, Metamorphic, Sedimentary Love
--a contrapuntal for the test of time
Christopher Clauss

Murus, Patron Saint of Yearning Walls
Paulie Lipman

Louise Robertson
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