Gingerbread Ritual Literary Journal

About the journal:

Gingerbread Ritual Literary Journal is the official publication of the Self-Educating Poets Network, a hub of writer’s resources and the home of the DIY MFA group. We aim to publish poems, short stories, essays and other literary work.

Vol. 1.2 (August, 2021)

Antisocial Media
Gemma Cooper-Novack

No Rolling Credits
Jay Gandhi

The shell of a mollusk
Amelia Díaz Ettinger

How's That
Michael Igoe

The Private Life of Mad Hatter
Suzanne O'Toole

They Will Return
Dee Allen

I Think I Would Do It Like This
Rich Boucher

Kenneth Pobo

Allison Baldwin

Vignette on Hands
Berent LaBrecque

Places I'd Rather Be During COVID,
According to My Predictive Text
Susanna Kittredge

Small Woolen Creature
Ophelia Jones

A cardinal now calls out through the trees
Thomas Koron

All the Wild Horses
Richard Chase

Previous Volume(s) of Gingerbread Ritual:
February 2021 Vol. 1.1

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